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Lisa and her staff is absolutely the best of the bay. She has helped restore my face to a flawless condition. She has extensive knowledge about facials and the lastest effective product to help maintain a youthful and radiant face/skin. I really appreciate knowing Lisa and her staff. She is truly hardworking, smart, honest and extremely friendly. She has always looked out for my best interest and I highly recommend her for all facial service needs. She is truly the best. 


Dermasolutions is awesome. I have had facials here since I moved to the bay area (10+ years) and people always compliment how great my skin is. In late 2011 I stopped going as my schedule got busy and work was stressful, I developed Acne Rosecea and I never even had acne growing up. The dermatologist gave me some gel that didn't work very well so I made it back to Lisa at Dermasolutions and within two months, my skin is 95% back to normal.

~Eva Y

Ok, here is the deal.  I am nearing 40 but still get gnarly acne.  It's not cool.  I let it go for a long time, and finally my wife made me go in to Dermasolutions to see Lisa for acne treatments.
Now, here is the deal.  She has done a miraculous job with my acne.  It's been so relieving for me.  She really gets acne and has the tools and skill to take care of you (better than a dermatologist... really, i saw one of those too in my years of trying to solve this).
Someone asked me if I its possible my acne was clearing up naturally and didn't need her.  Actually, that is why I know she is good.  If i don't go regularly, i break out big time. When I go, acne free... When I don't, acne full.
Yes, its embarrassing to talk about my zits online... but I know the feeling when you cant beat acne, so I feel like this recommendation is important.
If you have zits, Lisa will take care of it.

~Craig R

If you have not tried Dermasolutions, you have to. You will not regret it:)

Lisa and Leandra both have an amazing talent! Loveee them! The genuinely care about each and every one of their clients, what more can you ask for??

~Janice F

Alright, so I never write reviews (and by never I mean this is my first), but since my experience at Dermasoultions has been outstanding, I decided to make an exception.
Here it goes:  I have had problematic skin since I was 13 - on and off.  I'm pretty sure I have tried just about everything! From clean and clear, to murad, to expensive department store brands, to even other facials - nothing worked!  I even tried changing my diet (which only helped with my acne only a bit.)  Finally, about 3 months before my wedding, a new friend recommends this place to me.  She told me her experience was nothing but wonderful and that her problematic skin was completely healed within a couple of months.  She told me to go see Lisa.  Although skeptical, I decided to give it a try.  Needless to say, I was completely amazed.  
I have had facials before, so I knew what extractions were (people that complain about these are, in my humble opinion, ignorant of their benefit and only focusing on the negative).  I knew there would be parts of the facial that wouldn't be pleasant, but I was able to suck it up in order to see some results.  And RESULTS I SAW!!!!  
In the beginning I got a facial every week for 6 weeks.  By week 3 I noticed that even with the redness and puffiness after the extractions, my face looked better after the facial than it did in the last few years alone.  After my 6 weeks were up I eased off slowly and came again in 3 weeks and then dropped down to having an appointment only once a month.  And I must say, my face has stayed clear.  My wedding pictures were amazing - I felt confident and beautiful - which probably won't be such a bold truth had it not been for Dermasolutions.   I mean, I really feel like its a miracle!  
I have been receiving so many compliments about my skin, I feel so relieved that such a long-standing problem has been solved.  In fact, I am forcing my sister to commute from Sacramento (who has the same problem), just to have the same results.  
If you have problematic skin, this is the place for you.  I can not emphasis that enough.  No crazy pharmaceutical drugs or birth-control pills (for you women) needed.  All you need is Lisa, with her 'Kung-Fu' fingers ;) and viola - your skin will be as clean as the day you were born.

~Viktoriya N

Every time I come to Dermasolutions I leave feeling amazing!

~Jessica E

When your face is feeling bumpy, don't worry because Dermasolutions is the SOLUTION!

~Cindy P

Lisa is an amazing clinician and does excellent facials. She really knows her clients skincare needs and is just amazing with the results her clients see! Thanks Lisa!

~Cindy Y

Lisa is Fabulous!!!
I wouldn't trust my skin to anyone else. I've been going to Lisa for about a year now and my skin looks better then ever.  
Lisa is very professional and she will not sale you a product that she does not believe in nor will she sale you something you may not need just to sale you something.  She tests all the products that she carries and doesn't carrying anything that she does not believe in.  Lisa is very patient and will listen to all your questions and will never try to rush you.

~Susie M

LISA gives the BEST FACIALS in the world.
I can't even describe what she has done for me. I've been seeing her for only 6 months, and my skin looks 10 years younger already. I've been to many spas like high-end four seasons hotel and no one has top this gal.

Not only did she give me smooth, healthy, spotless, glowing skin, she also has amazing products that I actually saw results while using it. If you owe yourself anything in life to make yourself feel better? Make sure you give LISA a try, you won't regret it.

~Cindy F

I have had acne problem since I was 13 years old. I tried everything in the world but it did not help. About a year ago I found out about the Dermasolutions Skin Spa and decided to give it a try. I could not believe the results - after a few sessions with Lisa my skin was like new. I keep coming back to the spa every once in a while to maintain my skin healthy and good-looking. I was very happy with the results of my treatment and would like to thank Lisa from the bottom of my heart for giving my skin a new life. I recommended Lisa to my friends - three of them became constant clients of Dermasolutions Skin Spa. Thank you Lisa, you are great!


I started to go to Dermasolutions in 2004. Back then, I had acne on my face and Lisa did fantastic job on my skin. Since my acne was gone, I haven't gone to salon as much as I am supposed to. But recently I noticed some fine lines on my forehead and eye area. I went back to Lisa for help. WHAT A SMART MOVE I MADE!  She did microdermabrasion on me and I always loved the smooth skin afterwards and I have noticed the fine lines are fading. Last time, about 3 weeks ago, for the first time, she did Micro Current around my eyes, FANTASTIC! I noticed the difference right after. the skin around my eyes seemed tighter and my eyes look fresher! THANKS LISA! I know I will be addicted in Micro Current! Can't wait to get it again!!! I trust Lisa and am lucky to have her in my life!!!


Came in about 2 weeks ago, I have really bad dry skin, I have all my life. I saturate it with lotion every day. Well, let me tell you...my facial was Amaaaaaaaazing, the girls were gorgeous and super sweet, and my dry skin is no more....here now almost 3 weeks later! My skin is still rockin, and I wish I was wealthy cause I'd go in every day!!! A must for the girl who cares to not only pamper herself, but treat herself to the best!!!! =)
I recommend asking for Lisa

~Jessica A