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Acne Consultation

Need advice in dealing with ACNE?
Call and book a free skin consultation or phone consultation.

Acne is a common, yet often chronic, skin condition that affects about 80% of adolescents & up to 20% of adults. Dead skin cells, dirt, or oily secretions can cause pores to become clogged, allowing oil & bacteria to build up in the sebaceous glands of the skin.

This build-up can lead to inflammation that results in pustules, pimples, or other irritations appearing on the skin.
Although all acne is a result of excess oil being trapped in hair follicles or pores, there are many reasons why these blockages occur including genetics, hormones, stress, hygiene, cosmetics, diet, & medications.

Acne takes up to 30 to 90 days to form. A pimple that you see today probably started as a micro comedone up to three months ago. It can take approximately two  to three months to see your skin clear up. Once you begin treatments and home care many times you can still see some breakouts. Keep in mind these are congestion in the tissue that were already there before you started. As your skin clears we will continue to monitor it through the process of getting clear & staying clear.

At your consultation & treatment:

  • We will determine your skin type and acne type
  • Recommend products & services you will need to get clear
  • Review acne aggravators such as stress, birth control, cosmetics,  stress & etc.